Brewing Community, One Bean at a Time


Brews and Bonds for a Better Tomorrow

At Park Place Coffee House, we believe in the power of coffee to bring people together. Our mission is to provide a haven for the diverse South Downtown community, embracing working-class employees, Georgia State college students, and those experiencing homelessness or mental challenges.

Let’s unite over great coffee and create a brighter future together.

We unite people over coffee, guided by core values




Our History

Establised since 1990

Introducing the visionaries, Dr. Keisha and Dr. Kela, siblings driven by resilience and fueled by their discomforts. Together, they embarked on a journey from founding a business to scaling it to a remarkable $500,000 in revenue. Their passion extends beyond mere success; they’ve pioneered an entrepreneurial incubation system, guiding over 250 black entrepreneurs towards their ownership triumphs. Now, these compassionate leaders are poised to elevate their mission to unprecedented levels.

We're dedicated to making a difference

We’re more than a coffee shop; we’re a community hub. Beyond simply knowing customers by name, we excel in forging genuine connections. From offering recommendations to striking up a casual conversation,  their warmth and friendliness contribute to making each visit a positive and memorable interaction.

Here, diverse backgrounds converge, forging personal connections and a sense of belonging.

Join us today for coffee, connection, and community